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Welcome to Embassy Life


"Therefore We Are Ambassadors for Christ"


Experience the Presence of God through

Worship & the Word

Join us during our Sunday worship service, where we lift up the name of Jesus and experience the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our worship services are designed to help you connect with God and grow in your faith.


Embassy Life


Experience the Presence of God

Grow in your personal relationship with God

Develop in your spiritual gifts 

Get sound teaching from the Word of God



Connect with God

Through Prayer

We believe in the power of prayer to transform lives and communities. Join us in our daily prayer meetings where we come together to seek God's face and intercede for the needs of the world.

Connect with a
Community of Believers

Learn more of
the Word of God

Learn how to
fast and pray

Grow in Your Relationship with



Our Vision

Embassy Life International Ministries’ vision is to transcend the seven spheres of influence by developing and commissioning a Kingdom (Apostolic) Church and Kingdom (Apostolic) Ambassadors that will go to the local, national, and international communities effecting change within them, respectively with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Our Mission

Embassy Life International Ministries mission is to teach, train, develop, equip, disciple, and activate Kingdom (Apostolic) Ambassadors functioning in practical ministry and the ministry of reconciliation by the Holy Spirit. Kingdom (Apostolic) Ambassador will effect change with Kingdom Dominion and authority in the local community and the world by preaching and teaching the Kingdom of God through the power of the Kingdom (Gospel) message of Yeshua.

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